Mechanical research engineer for innovative gearbox and drivetrains (Leuven or Lommel)

As a mechanical researcher, you design, model and test mechanical systems and methods for next generation drivetrains in machines and vehicles.

Flanders Make is discovering new grounds in high-performant drivetrains to optimize performance of machines and vehicles. In the ‘Drivetrains in Motion’ Research department, researchers work together on identifying the best novel thermal and electro-magnetic concepts & required tools to improve the system performance of innovative drivetrains, machine & vehicles. This research is supported by excellent lab infrastructure such as cooling and lubrication and HiL test benches for the emulation of drivetrains, machines & vehicles.

Model and optimize mechanical systems in innovative drivetrain concepts, design and simulation methods As potential or expert in mechanical engineering, you: -Work together in a research team with expertise in highly efficient electrical drivetrains, high-performant lubrication and cooling systems for highly dynamic motions systems, for both industrial machinery and electrical drivetrains in vehicles; -Take the lead in mechanical systems design (shafts, gears, housings, bearings, …) and analysis, integrated in a multi-disciplinary machine context.

For next generation designs of drivetrains & components, especially new architectures and methods (e.g. electrification of mobile working equipment, design for manufacturing methods;,…) you;

 Figure out with the team how to design the system, evaluate the efficiency, NVH, durability, in relation to the research or design targets;  Set-up 1D and 3D analysis and calculation tools (e.g. KissSoft, MASTA,…) to evaluate mechanical systems virtually. Further on, you’ll translate this in experiment definitions in order to validate the related models.  Reflecting, improving and modification of the used methods is something you like to take into account during and after these activities;  Analyse and evaluate alternative manufacturing methods, materials or fully out-of-the-box gearboxes and mechanical solutions;  Experimentally validate your results in the lab;  Present your work during internal/external meetings, (international) conferences, …  Willing to learn on the topic above to learn more and gain expertise;  Actively collaborate with industrial companies.

Experienced engineers will also lead small, agile project teams. Young potentials will be coached by an experienced engineer.

Your first project - Robust design of lubricated gearboxes

In the Strategic Basic Research project, ROLUX or Robust design of lubricated gearboxes, aiming to bridge the gap between product design and gearbox production, you would actively work together with the KU Leuven Mecha(tro)nic System Dynamics division (LMSD) and launch innovation in the design of gearboxes by frontloading the production capabilities into the gearbox design method at the concept phase, a brand new concept to be explored and validated on industry cases.




Mechanical Engineering




Flemish Brabant


Leuven or Lommel


Phd – Opportunity Candidates who are interested in obtaining a Phd during the first 4 years of this permanent position at Flanders Make, can mention this in the motivation letter. • Your promotor: This PhD opportunity is in close collaboration with the KU Leuven Mecha(tro)nic System Dynamics division (LMSD), who will be promoting this PhD. • Your topic: Applied research of model-based methods for robust gearbox design for production. • Information on request:

To compete your application to be considered as a Phd Candidate extra information will be needed: eg. full list of credits and grades of both BSc and MSc degrees, and – if available - two reference letters, a proof of English proficiency, and an English version of the MSc or PhD thesis, or of a recent publication or assignment.


  • Flanders Make gives you the opportunity to develop yourself within its network of leading industrial companies, universities and research institutes;
  • An open-minded, flexible and challenging working environment;
  • A warm atmosphere and top colleagues;
  • An attractive salary with fringe benefits.
Gezocht Profiel

Mechanical research engineer

You have

  • A master’s or PhD degree in Electromechanical Engineering or equivalent;
  • Preferably 3 years or more industrial (or academic) experience;
  • The ability to analyse and setup a design according to industry standards ( DIN 3990 or ISO 6336 on helical gears, ISO 281 and 16281 on bearing life, DIN 743 for shafts, etc…) You are familiar with the terms ‘transmission error’, lubrication regime, and what their impact is on the operation of a gearbox or mechanical system.
  • Ability to understand new mechanical concepts (w.r.t efficiency, NVH, durability, manufacturing,… );
  • Good knowledge of 1D and/or 3D CAE tools and methods, used in mechanical drivetrain engineering;
  • Insight in the physics applicable in electrical drivetrains;
  • A broad technical interest in vehicles and industrial machines; Affinity with tribology, lubrication is a plus.

You are

  • Passionate about research and new technologies;
  • Result-oriented, responsible, self-directing;
  • Open-minded;
  • Pro-active and take initiative;
  • Eager to learn.

To apply, please fill in the online application form and upload a motivation letter and cv on or take a look at all our job offers at