Junior Software Engineer


Kapernikov innovates together with its customers to get the most out of their data. Since our establishment in 2011, we have steadily grown to a versatile team of about 35 enthusiastic people. Our customers are mainly companies in the industries of utilities, manufacturing and machine building. We build data-intensive and machine vision applications to make industrial jobs safer, to deliver better production quality and to use assets optimally during their lifetime. We approach each challenge starting from our customer’s goals and select the most appropriate technology for each project. When an off-the-shelf solution cannot be found, we develop customized solutions. We love to work in teams of both Kapernikov and customer colleagues, so we can benefit from the cross-pollination of our different backgrounds and experiences. Kapernikov is managed using the principles of Sociocracy 3.0, where everyone has a say. Work-life balance is not a mere buzzword but our way of life.

Your role

• We are looking for software engineers that want to work on data-intensive and machine vision projects. • You want to do data engineering in a modern way. This means getting familiar with concepts like functional data engineering, DAGs, open source, big data technology, streaming approaches, etc. • You’re interested in computer vision and artificial intelligence, but don’t want to limit yourself to the narrow application of artificial intelligence alone. • Where possible, the approach will also be DevOps oriented with a focus on ease of development, deployability and reusability. We apply an architecture based on modular containers for this. In many cases, the architecture will be deployed on a public cloud, in other cases on premise. • Problems are rarely solved by technology alone. You manage your projects in an agile way, in tight collaboration with the customer. You listen, analyze requests and evaluate the quality of the actual data. You provide guidance to the customer on how data could be better or more relevant. • There is no manual for solving our customer’s problems. You quickly try multiple approaches to see what actually works with real-world data before focusing on developing the chosen solution and see it solve real-world problems. • You love following the state-of-the-art of data engineering and machine vision technologies.




Computer Science Engineering








We offer you an interesting job in a modern company • A full-time job in a pleasant working environment where all of your talents are appreciated. • We have a fancy coworking place close to Brussels Midi station which is a wonderful, informal place to collaborate. Sometimes work at the customer’s site, which could be anywhere in Belgium (albeit most often around Brussels). • Challenging problems that require your innovative thinking. Cool projects where the software you write actually controls part of the world. • The chance to get paid to do what you love. We offer a competitive salary and many fringe benefits. • Education and training to perform your job well. We aim to get people up to date with modern technologies and provide time and budget to take courses or go to congresses. • A lot of freedom to organize your work the way that suits you best. • A vibrant atmosphere with room for new ideas, experimentation and cross-fertilization with other Kapernikov consultants. We are a friendly team to spar with and learn from. • Kapernikov is a self-organized company with sociocracy as toolbox, meaning decisions are taken and implemented by everyone as equals. We are not the classic organization with a strict hierarchy. Our employees come first.

Gezocht Profiel

You bring us software engineering experience

• A MSc in engineering, informatics, machine vision or artificial intelligence or a similar background through experience. Even better: you can convince us with your code on GitHub. • You know your database stuff. SQL has few secrets for you: nulls, datatypes and indexes ring more than one bell. And you can surprise us with a lot more of that database-gobbledygook. • You are familiar with work/dataflow engines, e.g. Airflow, Prefect, Dagster or Talend. You appreciate the advantages of code and versioning over more GUI oriented approaches. • You have experience with container-based development and deployment (like Docker, K8s, Openshift). • A thorough understanding of both classical machine learning and deep learning. • Experience in machine vision projects. • Hands-on experience with a programming language (e.g. Python, C++, C#, Matlab or R). • You know how to deal with engineers, business users and managers alike. • You can express yourself in English and the other national language. That way, you can communicate easily with our Belgian customers.