Data Scientist/Engineer

Aivix is a sister company of Cubis and Lytix and is focused on handling your complex data problems. We have an immense focus on data engineering & science and having a meaningful impact with our advanced analytics.

It all comes down to data, all the data, and nothing but the data. We deliver solutions that help our customers to get more and better insights from their data so they can make more informed decisions that lead to improved business outcomes. This often entails setting up data lakes and platforms, developing data pipelines, integrating existing and new applications to remove silos within the organisation, implementing advanced analytics and data science models, and more. We implement intelligently engineered solutions to generate insights based on your data. And that’s important, as data is the new gold!

Are you passionate about statistical models and data science and know how to implement these in an impactful manner? Are you interested in designing robust data pipelines and ready to develop and deploy these at our customers? Then you are the right fit for our function as data scientist and engineer.

As a data scientist/engineer you are responsible for:

  • Having conversations with the customer to correctly identify the needs
  • Constructing ETL/ELT pipelines to support their needs
  • You can apply statistical algorithms and statistical models to solve these problems
  • Combining data from multiple sources in an efficient and performant manner
  • You are eager to have a tremendous impact on the business and day-to-day operations with your findings
  • You are able to translate the output of the complex models into actionable insights and possible actions
  • Choosing the right architecture based on the clients needs and current stack
  • Advising the clients (business analysts, data scientists) on the correct usage of their data



Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Mathematical Engineering




Flemish Brabant



  • You will face a variety of projects where you can use state-of-the-art technologies
  • We offer an individualized learning path with dedicated feedback and training sessions
  • We don’t only focus on your technical skills, we also provide you with the necessary guidance to become a seasoned business professional
  • We offer both numerous internal and external training sessions
  • We provide flexible work-at-home arrangements according to the clients needs
  • We offer a competitive renumeration package with bonusses and a company car
  • We have numerous knowledge sharing sessions and fun social activities such as team building, a trip abroad
Gezocht Profiel
  • You are passionate about data science, data engineering and data
  • You have knowledge of statistics and statistical models
  • You have notion of a programming language such as Python, Java, C# …