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Internationaal ensures that international students feel at home at our faculty and have the best time here in Leuven. We guide and help you to learn about our beautiful city, university and VTK. Between all your lectures and projects, we organise specific activities for you ranging from a quiz to a cantus, a traditional student activity in Belgium and the Netherlands. With our activities we will actively try to introduce you to each other and the amazing student life that Leuven has to offer. Furthermore we work together with other faculties to give you the richest possible experience while studying in Leuven.

Besides taking care of international students, our job also consists of advertising studying abroad to local students. A big event for us is the Go Global week, from 6th until 10th November. During this entire week there will be activities for our Belgian students to get them to experience other cultures and get them enthusiastic for an international adventure. Make sure to come and take a look!

In addition we also try to bring international and local students together. One way we do this is via the Buddy Programme. This is a very popular way for Belgian students to meet you, the international students, and vice versa. This program allows you to discover Leuven with a local student. Furthermore, the Buddy Program lets our local students get a taste of other cultures without leaving this beautiful city.

Last but not least we offer help with everything study related. So if you have any questions concerning your courses, an exam, etc., you can contact us freely.

At any time, you can reach us with your questions and thoughts by sending an email to

International students

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The Glossary will help you blend in on campus.

Under VTK? you can find an explanation about who we are at VTK and what we do for you.

The name says it all, the Calendar gives you all information about our most important activities.

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Orientation days

From the 20th to the 22th of September and from the 5th to the 11th of February, the KU Leuven International Office, together with LOKO International and the student associations, organizes the Orientation Days for new international students. During these days you can meet new people and make friends before classes start. Definitely worth checking out!!

About us

VTK organises all kind of different activities, from parties to barbecues to reading, cantusses and events with companies. Some events are for different groups, for example activities only for first-year students other only for international students or local students. However we provide a lot of activities for all the students. Everything we offer can be found in our Calendar. For internationals specifically, look at the text that is added to each event. It will always be added when an event will happen in Dutch or when it is ment for local students. Other activities are very much open for all students, local and international.

Last year, over 1200 interntaional students (PhD included) were enrolled at the Faculty of Engineering Science, which makes ours the most international faculty of KU Leuven. Next to that, we have a lot of local students taking part in an experience abroad, from one week Athens courses to a yearlong Erasmus exchange. No wonder then, that we at VTK have a unit dedicated to this internationalisation.

This year's team is composed of:

  • Noah Steinier
  • Cédric Van Gompel
  • Emma Faes
  • Louis Rutgeerts
  • Sepp Swinnen


If you want to stay up to date on all things VTK International, scan the QR codes below and join our whatsapp or discord communities! Most of the belgian students use facebook to keep an eye on all our events. If you prefer to use facebook, click here.

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