Who is it? What does he do?

Even more than other praesidium members, the vice is your friend! Do you want to shift, organize a party with some buds or have questions about VTK? Don’t hesitate to contact him or just talk to him.

So, what does he do?

The jobs of the vice:

  • Make sure every praesidium member loves their job.
  • Support Year workings and other workgroups.
  • Pamper VTK helpers with coupons, parties and goodies.
  • Be the right hand of the omnipotent Praeses.
  • Be there for those who have problems.
  • Always lift the spirit!

Where can I find him?

The palace of the vice can be found on the ground floor of Block 6 in Arenberg. Here he will hand out your coupons if you have done a shift. Of course, you can regularly find the vice at Theokot or ‘t Elixir.

So don’t hesitate to start a conversation with him! Or to treat him with a pint, you might even be treated back! Want his number? Mail to ! Too shy? Mail to the less handsome !