VTK stands for 'Vlaamse Technische Kring' and is the official student union of the faculty of engineering science. The day-to-day operation is governed by the praesidium; an enthousiastic group of volunteers who will do everything to make you stay in Leuven as pleasant as possible. It is separated into different groups. Some of them are in direct contact with the students and others have a more supportive role. The most important ones from the first category are listed below.


Cursusdienst, also known as Cudi, is the place to be for all your books and other study related material at the lowest prices in Leuven. Do you need a book that is not available? Send a mail and they'll almost always get it for you. You can find them in the Theokot.


The Theokot is a lunch bar which sells different sandwiches. Cudi resides in Theokot and it's also the place where most of the tickets for VTK activities are sold.

Activiteiten, Cultuur, Sport

Groups for entertainment: Activiteiten organises TD's (parties) and cantusses, Cultuur goes on citytrips and organises quizzes and lectures and Sport focusses on the '24 Urenloop' (24 hour run) and promotes a different sport every month.


Helps you with finding a job or internship, see Bedrijvenrelaties. Looks for companies that want to sponsor VTK.


Onderwijs defends and maintains your rights as a student and helps you with difficulties concerning your educational parcours.


In fakbar 't ElixIr you can find cheap drinks and great ambiance.


You've already found us, we help you, the international students and organise all kinds of activities going from parties and cantusses to citytrips.