Our Mission

VTK Education stands up for our students in the different councils and boards of our faculty. On university-wide level we discuss lager topics at Stura and LOKO. On faculty-wide level we are seated in the Facultary POC, Faculty Council, etc. We also provide the necessary support to all our student representatives to make sure every field of study at our faculty is represented well. If you have any questions, education related problems or want to become a student representative yourself, please contact us!

Student representation

Student representation is a crucial aspect in a university environment. By taking an active role in student representation, the KU Leuven can take the needs of the student into account. A student representative can be active across different levels of the university. He or she does not merely represent his/her own opinion, but more importantly represents the opinion of his/her fellow students. What exactly are those different levels, and what role does VTK play here? More importantly: what can you do to represent your fellow students? To answer these questions, we’ll walk you through the different educational representation levels of our faculty.


The EC (Educational Committee) is a committee consisting of professors, PhD students, ombudspersonnel and students of a specific programme and is chaired by the programme director. All of the programmes that our faculty offers have an EC. These ECs determine the contents of the programme and are in general the most interesting meetings to attend from a student’s perspective.

Every student can become a member of his or her EC and thus represent his/her fellow students. How to become an EC member? Well, VTK organises elections at the start of every academic year. An EC holds meetings six to eight times each year (on average), always during lunch break (12h30 - 14h). As an EC representative, you can always count on any support from the educational team of VTK!

Faculty EC

Sometimes, there are a number of problems with certain educational programmes. The ECs of these programmes will then try to find possible solutions. Some problems however, do influence multiple different educational programmes. These problems are presented to the FEC, the overarching EC of the faculty. The FEC is chaired by the vice-dean of education of our faculty (prof. Bart Nauwelaers) and contains all programme directors. The students in the FEC are represented by VTK, more specifically by the educational team of VTK together with the president of VTK and the international coordinator of VTK.

VTK Bureau

The VTK Bureau is a biweekly meeting on Wednesday (during lunch, between 12h30-14h). It is organized by the educational team of VTK to provide the EC representatives with updates concerning policy decisions on faculty level (FEC) and university level. The second purpose is to ask input and feedback, that we as an educational team can return to the relevant authorities.

Every student at our faculty can attend and take part in the VTK bureau meetings. The input given by the different EC representatives, is very important to us since they represent all the students from their programme. They can address new problems and give input based on the experiences of their fellow students throughout the academic year. Do you want to help us in determining the voice of our students? Well, VTK Bureau is definitely your place to be!

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