N-SIDE is an innovative software consulting company in advanced analytics designing optimization solutions for Supply Chain, Operations and Energy management.

From strategy down to operations, N-SIDE leverages the value of data and business knowledge into decision-making power. Our cloud-based custom solutions use cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, data analytics and powerful algorithms to solve the most complex industry challenges and turn them into opportunities.

We empower organizations with agility and data-driven decisions to optimize processes and use resources wisely while efficiently managing risk and maximizing profits. We ensure our customers are ahead of the game!

N-SIDE optimizes decisions of some of the largest companies around the world, across a vast range of industries: Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Steel, Pulp & Paper, Power Exchanges, TSO’s and DSO’s, etc.

We are a team of 90+ young and dynamic engineers coming from different countries and sharing the same passion for challenges and problem solving! We participate in research projects, we keep strong partnerships with renowned universities, and we invest in personal development to always stay at the forefront of innovation. We are a team with our colleagues, we are partners with our clients. Sharing ideas, bringing different areas of expertise together make all of us stronger and better!

To learn more about N-SIDE solutions and services, visit www.n-side.com and to join our team, visit www.n-side.com/careers

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