Industrial companies all search to minimize their ecological footprint, whilst they simultaneously strive to optimize plant performance and remain competitive on the global stage. To reach those ambitious goals, companies invest in digital programs, leading to sustainable manufacturing. IPCOS’ mission is to support process industry customers in the further digitalization of their plants. Projects we deliver tailor to customer needs from the operational plant level up to corporate level. IPCOS’ digital portfolio includes:

Digital infrastructure:

  • No automation, optimization or reporting without looking at the right data! We develop data integration to support data sharing across the asset – from plant to corporate

Digitization and automation of operations:

  • To maintain optimum plant operations, we implement PID tuning and Advanced process control solutions
  • We automate data gathering and processing to maintain real-time parameters of the asset, contributing to minimized emissions, increased safety, reduced alarms and shutdowns

Management of operational performance:

  • We create solutions to track Overall Equipment Efficiency, allow for predictive maintenance or quality monitoring
  • The delivery of performance dashboards keeps the production engineer abreast of his asset’s performance

Improvement and optimization of production processes:

  • We deliver modeling and analytics solutions for optimized processes and predictability

Reporting on and monitoring of performance:

  • We automate the dissemination of information to corporate systems (ERP, HSE, legal, finance...) to give management insights in production rates, emissions, HSE...

A Digital asset project engineer typically holds a Msc Engineering, which he/she combines with a profound interest in digital technologies and strong analytical skills. A Digital asset project engineer develops a very good understanding of the processes to be optimized. Reach out to us if you are keen to perform a technical consultancy role in which you will apply your engineering skills whilst implementing state-of-the art digital technologies!

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