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1 Dec 20:00 - 2 Dec 00:00

Location: Popclub, Rumba & Co

You can book a maximum of 2 tickets per person. After you have booked the tickets you want, you have to pay in the following hour or your booking will be canceled and the tickets become free for other people. After you have paid your ticket, you should receive a confirmation email with a QR CODE. If you didn't get one contact us at !!!

Scientica encompasses 4 kringen: Bios, Atlas, Wina and Chemika!

These tickets are only for SCIENTICA students, this will be checked!

Lastly, be sure to select the correct tickets. If you are not a member of Scientica or VTK, select the non members ticket! This WILL BE CHECKED at the entrance!

Beer/Sangria Member (SCIENTICA)
Beer/Sangria Non Member (SCIENTICA)
Water Member (SCIENTICA)
Water Non Member (SCIENTICA)