Vlaamse Technische Kring


Coming Wednesday 21/11 is the last day that you can reserve new books in the bookshop. You can pick up the reserved and assigned books until Wednesday 28/11. After that date, every booking expires. From then on, we work with ‘first come, first serve’ until Wednesday 05/12. This means that you can come to our bookshop and ask if we have any book left, but this doesn’t ensure that we still have it in stock. You can find the opening hours on time on VTK.be.

Last opening moments of the bookshop:

Mo 26/11 12u30-14u

Tu 27/11 12u30-14u

We 28/11 12u30-13u30

Th 29/11 12u30-14u

Mo 3/12 12u30-14u & 18u-19u

Tu 4/12 12u30-14u

We 5/12 12u30-14u