Vlaamse Technische Kring

Dear students,

During the week of the 26th of March until the 30th of March and the week of the 16th of April until the 20th of April the Interviewdays take place. These days give you the opportunity to have an interview with a lot of companies. Moreover all this takes place on campus, so you don’t have to go to all these companies yourself.

How does this work?

By Filling in the form below you can indicate in which companies you are interested. You also upload your resume. Then we will give your resume to the companies you’re interested in. They can then decide if they want to have an interview with you or not. Subsequently we will inform you with which companies you can go on an interview and we will send you a form in which you can pick a time slot for the interview. So don’t forget to keep an eye on your mail. The deadline for filling in this form is Sunday the 11th of March.

This form is currently closed.