Archers NV

Archers provides consulting services to improve the integration architecture of companies to meet today’s challenges of the ‘Connected Company’. Based on their business strategy and actual challenges, we advise our customers in selecting and applying the most appropriate integration architectures and supported integration technology. This way we increase their ability to deliver the best integration solution for their customers. Because by combining forces, we are able to deliver the best business solutions. As part of the i8c group, Archers can cooperate with the other teams. Based on different technologies, we are able to implement and run a wide range of integration solutions.

Knowledge and expertise At Archers, we build on our expertise by knowledge sharing. Through our monthly meets and intern knowledge platform, we make sure we get the most out of our knowledge and make everybody grow in their passion for integration.

Entrepreneurship Initiative and entrepreneurship in your area of expertise is what we want to stimulate. That’s why we offer our consultants the opportunity to start their own integration initiative and become a true entrepreneur.

Freedom and ownership Full ownership of your career and your consultancy projects is how we believe our consultants can reach their full potential. You get full responsibility in how you manage your projects and the direction of your career.

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