Industrial companies across the globe all search to minimize their ecological footprint, whilst they simultaneously strive to optimize the performance of their plants and remain competitive on the global stage.

Operational safety, energy efficiency and emission reductions are high on the agenda!

In order to reach those ambitions, companies invest in digital programs, ultimately contributing to sustainable, ecological and optimized production processes.

It is IPCOS’ mission to support its worldwide customers in the further digitalization of their plants.

We have delivered more than 500 projects to the Refining, Gas processing, Fertilizers, Petrochemical, Batch, Chemicals, Power and other industries across the globe.

IPCOS project engineers combine industry domain and process knowledge with technology know-how.

Headquartered in Leuven (Belgium), the company employs 70 experts in 7 locations worldwide.

Within the digital programs, IPCOS typically delivers the following scope:

Advanced Process Control

We design control solutions to increase operational safety and efficiency.

IPCOS engineers analyse process operations and data, and related constraints. This leads to the delivery of PID optimization services, the implementation of APC controllers, alarm rationalisations, and Real time optimization solutions.

An APC consultant typically holds a Msc Chemical engineering or Systems & Control degree.

You get excited over the prospect of reviewing and studying different process operations, ultimately deploying control solutions with our customers. You are keen on interacting with customer representatives, which means you travel extensively to production sites across the globe.


We design technology solutions which generate actionable insights from a vast amount and diverse type of data.

We help customers define their overall digitalisation strategy, build a single real-time information architecture, including integration of applications, ultimately leading to the implementation of business process automation and advanced analytics solutions.

A Digital consultant typically holds an Msc engineering, which he/she combines with a profound interest in digital technologies. You are keen on interacting directly with customers, and you look forward to occasional travel.

What to expect?

At IPCOS you will build an international, technical career in a fast-paced, fast-growing organization. Your role will be broad and challenging, in an intellectually stimulating environment. Our remuneration package is competitive and includes benefits and flexible work hours. IPCOS fosters cooperation between colleagues, yet also gives room for independent work and entrepreneurial minds. We promote communication within an informal, constructive and no-nonsense culture.

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