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Dataroots - Artificial Intelligence @rootscamp


13 Mar 18:30 - 3 Apr 21:00

Location: Aula MSI 91.10 Mgr Sencie Instituut, Erasmusplein 2 3000 Leuven

With Artificial Intelligence @rootscamp we would like to share our experience with you, in 4 hands-on sessions. During these sessions, we will cover the 4 phases of a machine learning use case: data pipeline, model building, testing and packaging, and finally deploying. Subscribe to the event to find out more about the real-time prediction case we have chosen for you!

Sessions will start with a small sandwich and drink (we brew our own beer!), a good time to have a chat with us and network with others. Then we'll dive into the AI topic of the day for about 2 hours. The session will cover the main concepts used in a data science project and apply them to a real case. You will need a google account so that we can share the code and programming environment with you and you can code real time.

Each session builds on the previous ones so it is best that you attend all four but you are free to skip one. If you attend all sessions, you'll receive a certificate of participation from dataroots.

When: every Wednesday, from 18:30 to 21:00:

        * March 13: Introduction, presentation of the use case and data exploration
        * March 20: Feature creation, model development, performance and explainability
        * March 27: Testing, packaging and preparing for deployment
        * April 3: DAGs, CI/CD, exposing an API and deployment