Saint-Nicholas Cantus

Dec 1
1 Dec 20:00 - 2 Dec 00:00
Location: Popclub, Rumba & Co

Here we are once again to sing amazing songs and drink beer. And most importantly, to celebrate Saint-Nicholas. This is a belgian holiday where children put their boots under the fireplace on december 6th in hope to get some presents and sweets from Saint-Nicholas. This must be celebrated! And what better way to celebrate Saint-Nicholas than singing songs for him!

What is a cantus again? It's a Belgian student tradition where we sing songs with particular rules, drink beer and most imprtantly have a lot of fun! On a cantus get unlimited beer or sangria. If alcohol is not your thing, you can drink water of course. Traditionally we eat tangerines for Saint-Nicholas and lots of sweets. We hope to all see you there for an amazing cantus! The doors open at 8pm and the cantus begins at 8:30pm.

Practical information:

  • Who? VTK & Scientica
  • When? Friday 01/12 at 8pm
  • Beer/Sangria Members: €13
  • Beer/Sangria Non-Members: €16
  • Water: Members: €5
  • Water: Non-Members: €8
  • Where: Popclub, Rumba & Co.
  • Tickets: Coming soon!