We, VTK International, do our uttermost best to adjust the activities we organize and the services we provide to the expectations of the internationals. We believe that the best way do this is by having some input from internationals themselves. That's why we would love to start a work group called Fiesta.

What's a work group? A work group is a group of people that wants to help VTK without actually being part of the presidium and thus without having actual obligations. They meet at a regular base to figure out how they want to support and improve our student association. Examples of existing work groups are:

  • 24 hour run

  • website

  • kanweek (same principle as Fiesta but than for freshmen and sophomores)

  • ...

What is Fiesta? Fiesta isn't organised this year due to the corona pandemenic. Fiesta exists out of enthusiastic internationals who would like to have some input in what we, VTK International, do. The sort of input they would give, could vary from just providing feedback to organizing cantusses and parties for the internationals themselves. You would be able to choose to which extend you would want to participate.

Why would you join Fiesta?

  • meet new people

*organize amazing activities

  • help VTK

  • provide a better assistance to the new internationals

  • have fun

  • and a bunch of other reasons

Interested? Send us a mail () or get a hold on one of us. Question, queries, concerns? Do not hesitate to express them!