Vlaamse Technische Kring

Looking for something more than our Quiz or Casino Nights? Then you are at the right page. You can find here a list of the best cultural centres of Leuven, many of which we regularly visit and organise nice activities in with our members.


Art centre STUK offers a broad range of music, theatre and much more. STUK aims more at new and starting artists and gives them the chance to get in touch with a much greater audience. In addition to this centre, STUK also has a STUKcafé where you can chill each sunday night at the weekly Blues evening. We greatly recommend going to STUK START, where the centre opens its doors to invite you to come and see many free expositions, dance and theatre performances, films and a grand starting festival.

Het Depot

'het Depot' is a great place to go for musical performances but also to follow lessons if our own guitar lessons are not enough for you. Its buildings underwent a grand metamorphose and the result is just lovely. Long story short: the place to be for a real music enthusiastic! It's also here that the big finale of our IFR takes place!


UUR KULtUUR delivers culture to you in all its glory: you can come to get a taste of hotshots and less known programs. Performance, dance, jazz, pop, theather, expo,... 'Original and fresh' is their trademark. Students with a culture card are welcome for free!


30cc is another great cultural centre. Their greatest advantage is their last minute actions where they sell tickets for their performances at half the price a week before! Be there or be square.