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The VTK Citytrip returns! We take you this year to the beautiful capital of Ireland: Dublin! For three days, we are going to visit musea, places of interest, companies and pubs of course. There is always something to do in the vibrant city centre!

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We ask a reimbursement of €239 for members of VTK. This price includes the travel costs, the stay in a hostel including breakfast and the entrance fees for all events and muses. This means you will not have to pay extra for events during the stay.


The trip is organised by the principle of "pick&play". You and your friends choose which activities you want to participate from a selection of different proposals we give. That way, you can choose what you want to see in Dublin.

The city is by means of area not that big (similar to Leuven) and everything is within reach to go by foot. Still, there is plenty of choices to fill three days full of activities. Think of the Guinness museum and the Jameson Whiskey distillery! Also the headquarters of big companies are situated in this beautiful city. We cannot yet say which ones, but there will for sure be the possibility to visit some of them. Think of Facebook, Intel, Google,.. By the time the sun starts to set, we will discover the cosy pubs to enjoy the live music!


The information session takes place on Tuesday the 18th of October at 13h in BOKU 3.22 (next to Theokot).

We will give here all information about the trip and you get the chance to shoot all of your questions you possibly have!

Subscription moment

The next moment to subscribe will be announced soon!

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Travelling to and from Dublin

We leave on Thursday the 10th of November at noon in the train station of Leuven and take the plane in Charleroi to Dublin at 15h30.

The flight back from Dublin to Charleroi is on Sunday the 13th of November at 18h25.

That means: 3 full days en nights in Dublin!


We stay at a hostel in the city centre: Dublin International YHA.

This hostel has bedrooms up to 12 persons and offers free breakfast.


We will provide you for every time slot with a bunch of possible options where you can chose from to participate. Nevertheless, you can always choose not to participate to any of those proposals. The advantage you get is that you don't have to pay extra for the admission fees of muses and visits to other places of interest we organise.

Possible visits

Still more information?

Do you have questions, or you just want more information? You can reach us at .

Also, take a look at our facebook event!