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Skitrip 2018

The skitrip of 2018 will be from 02/02/2018 until 11/02/2018 to Risoul, a very nice ski-region in the French Alps with 180 km of slopes both above and below the treeline. It has the best après-ski of France as well with a bar in the same building as the apartments.

In case you have any questions, you can always send a mail to .


The Basic Package

The price of the basic package is 429 euro, for both members and non-members.

This includes:


There is a skipas included in the payment. However, it is possible to upgrade (or downgrade) your skipas.

Ski- and snowboardcourses

Courses are given by certificated monitors from the ESF in groups of +/- 8 people. The advantage of the local ski school is that they have legal authorisation to give the courses and they now the region by heart. Courses are given in French and English, and you can choose your level yourself.


Everybody knows how expensive supermarkets can get on ski-vacation and how difficut it is to get the right ingredients. The Skikot Foodpacks are a good alternative and aren't that expensive. These packs contain breakfast, picknick and supper for 6 days. So don’t worry about shopping, being hungry or eating unhealthy!

Annulation insurance

An annulation insurance is useful in case you get unlucky before the travel starts, for example extreme sickness, a death in the family… You will still have to pay for the cancelled trip, but if you have a valid reason, you can get the money back from Europeesche Verzekeringen. www.europeesche.nl

Travel insurance

A Travel insurance is for the unlucky while you are on vacation, for example stolen, damaged or lost luggage, medical expenses… For more information about this, we redirect you to the Europeesche Verzekeringen webpage. We certainly advise you to check if your insurance covers winter sport vacations! www.europeesche.nl

Saturday bus

If you still have exams on Friday, or maybe even Saturday, you can take the bus on Saturday from Antwerp, Ghent or Leuven. If you choose the Saturday-bus, you will need to confirm this again in the next step.

No bus

If you don't take the bus but use your own transportation:

Ski rental

With Skikot, you are able to rent equipment beforehand at a lower price. We guarantee that there is enough equipment for everyone. We suggest you get your equipment here, since if there is a problem with the equipment you rented through Skikot (broken, too small or too big…), you can get a replacement. The categories go from Bronze (for beginners) to Gold (for an experienced sporter).