No cheats (xray,...)

Be polite to other players

Do not crash the server

Do not spam

Do not exploit bugs, report them and get rewarded

Do not provoke staff or other players

No griefing

Admin or mods can and will punish you if you break these rules (mute, kick, jail, tempban, ban)!

Admins have the right to modify your plots/bases if they are causing excessive lag.



Tp related

/home   Teleport to your home. 
/sethome  Sets your home to the current position. 
/delhome  Deletes your current home. 
/tpa <user>  Sends a request to the specified user to teleport to them. This player can accept with /tpaccept. 
/back  Teleport to the last position before your death or other teleport. 
/rtp  Teleport to a random location in the world.
/spawn  Teleport to spawn.


Plot claiming

Quick explanation

Use a golden shovel to select edges of plot. Use a wooden stick to get info about claims. 

/trust <user> Trusts the player. This player can now modify blocks in your claimed areas.  
/abandonclaim Unclaims the claimed area you are currently standing in if it belongs to you. 
/abandonallclaims Deletes all your claims and make them wilderness again. 



/m <user> <message> Sends a private message to the specified player.
/r <message> Replies to the last player that message you with a private message.
/ignore <player> Ignore all messages from a player.



/help <pageNb> Get all available commands.
/helpop <message> Sends a message to all available staff (mods/admins).



/afk Toggles the player's AFK state.
/hat  Puts the item in the player's hand on their head as a helmet.
/trash Opens an inventory window which acts as a disposal unit, deleting items placed into it.