Internal Competitions

What is this?

VTK organises competitions in different sports during the year. In this way, you can, together with the rest of your year, or just with a group of friends, compete for a place at the top of VTK. On this page, you can see who will compete this year and how this is organised. When we have results, we will put them online as soon as possible.

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Organizational rules

For good order we ask you to take note of following rules:

  • Each sportsman/-woman is obliged to have his/her sport card with him/her during every participation to an event organised by VTK Sport. Without a sport card, you are not insured.
  • One of your team members has to be a member of VTK.
  • Each team has to have 3 reserve players.
  • The results of the match are send as soon as possible to AND to the captain of the opponent team. The opponent has one week to react, to avoid misunderstandings. When both captains do not agree, VTK decides what happens.
  • If one team is not present after 10 minutes, the other team receives a forfeit score.
  • If two teams are equal in the final rankings, the score balance makes the difference.
  • When a team is not able to come to a match, the captain has to tell this, at least a week before the match, to both VTK Sport as to the captain of the opponents. Each team can postpone maximum 2 matches. If the circumstances are really unforeseenable, VTK can make an exception to this rule.
  • VTK will always decide in case of disputes. Complaints can be sent to .
  • The will be no referees during the games, and only sometimes someone of VTK sports will attend the games. So everybody is a referee during his or hers game and the games are based on fair play. If there are still any problems, this can be mailed to .


Here is the link. The deadline is 31/10!


All info can be found here.


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Ultimate frisbee

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