The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience

Are you a 3rd Bachelor or Master student or did you recently graduate as engineer at the KU Leuven?! In that case IAESTE offers you the opportunity to obtain some working experience in a company or research institution abroad. These internships are paid, they are a valuable addition to your curriculum vitae and allow you to make friends around the world. IAESTE will help you with the administrative practicalities, from housing to your visa and work permit. Furthermore, the 'Local Committee' of IAESTE will organise activities and introduce you to the local culture and the other trainees, so you'll never be bored after work.

IAESTE is also looking for new members to strengthen the local committee. We try to meet up monthly with our team of volunteers and the trainees, so if you'd like to have drink and go out with some internationals, contact companies and help organise events, you might consider giving IAESTE a try!

Are you interested in doing an internship with us?

The countdown has already started! The internships come online on January 28, so you can apply from then on! You will soon be able to specify an internship on our brand new IAESTE wishlist. There is also an information evening coming, this will take place on 14/12 at 8 pm in BOKU 03.22, everyone is welcome!

Are you up for the challenge to support the local commitee?

Don't hesitate to contact us, we are always looking for motivated new members!

You can always drop us a message at our Facebook page or to mail us at .


  [LC Leuven on Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/iaeste.belgium.leuven/)
  [LC Leuven on Twitter](https://twitter.com/iaesteleuven/)
  [IAESTE Belgium website ](http://www.iaeste.be)
  [IAESTE Association website ](http://www.iaeste.org)