Lost and found

Since there is no guarded vestiary at 't ElixIr, it can happen that on a busy (drunk) night, some things get lost or left behind. The bar team let's all jackets hang at the coat rack so you can come check the next evening to see if it's still there.


Do you have what it takes to start a party? Can you mix all music seemingly from one to the next? 't ElixIr is always looking for fresh talent that wants to play some beats in our bar or introduce a new style. You can always contact us on

Give a keg

Not only you get a halve litre beer on your birthday if you show your ID, we also offer to buy a cheap keg to celebrate it with all your friends. It's best to contact us beforehand (it may cause problems on renting days). The price of a keg are as follows:

  • Full keg, 180 coupons, €200
  • Half a keg; 90 coupons, €100

These coupons can only be used at our fakbar for one evening. They can only be used to buy Stella or soft drinks. Not your birthday but still thirsty? You can always make up a reason we will give you the same prices! Contact us on


't Elixir can be rented for parties by other krings, student organizations, VTK posts or workgroups. VTK posts of workgroups can also rent 't ElixIr for a cantus. For more info, send a mail to

Customer card

You can use you student cart as a customer card. Scan your card at the scanner at the counter. After 10 visits, a flashing light will go off and you get a free Stella! Rules:

  1. You can only use a student card from the KU Leuven association that is registered for that year.
  2. After 10 visits, you get a free beer (25cl Stella) or 1 free soft drink.
  3. You can only scan your card during opening hours. You can only scan your card once per evening.
  4. Fakbar ‘t ElixIr can always change or stop the action
  5. Each time a card is scanned, the student number and time is registered. These data can be used for statistics, contests, and other usages. Data will not be passed on to thirds but can be published publicly as results of a contest. When a customer has a VTK account, then these data may be linked together. A customer can erase his/her data by contacting the fakbar team.
  6. Between the end of the second semester and the beginning of the next academic year, the data of the system are reset, and counting is restarted from 0. Data from the last three years may be saved for analytical and statistical purposes.