Vlaamse Technische Kring

Home alone and got nothing to do? Feel like going out with some friends but you don't have any ideas? VTK Activities makes sure you always have something to do and somewhere to go!

What do we organize?

TDs: The word "TD" comes from the ancient Thé Dansant. Nowadays it's just a term Belgian students use for a party. Top DJ's from well known festivals come and show there skills at our parties. Unlike fakbars you normally do have to pay an entrance fee but VTK members pay a special discount price. If you buy your ticket in advance then the tickets are also cheaper. Tickets are normally sold in Theokot (somtimes also in our fakbar 't ElixIr) a week before the party takes place.

CANTUS: A typical Belgian event. Most people have no idea what a "cantus" is but thank goodness wikipedia solves such problems. If you read the wikipedia page, you will have noticed that they mention somthing about a "codex". Luckily we sell such codices at our bookstore. All Belgian students and old international students will definitely recommend trying out a cantus! Tickets must be bought in advance in Theokot . Again, VTK members pay a discount price.

GALA NIGHT: Always wanted to go on a night out in style? Then the gala night is something for you. Every year, the gala night takes place at the most exclusive locations, so time to suit up! Again, tickets can be bought in advance in Theokot (about two weeks before the evenement).

Anyway, we hope to see you at one of our activities!