Feel like helping our bartending team? To explore the world on the other side of the counter? Then this is your call! We really appreciate students that come and help us with our heavy task. Sign in on a shift by clicking here and search on Fakbar as Unity.

What's a neventapper?

Do you like to tap beer and serve others drinks or want to experience this? Feel free to sign up on a shift. Each shift starts at 22h00 and ends at 03h00. Everybody is welcome to help us, even the less experienced people can get a quick course on how to run a bar.


Of course we are grateful for the help you give us and we kindely give something in return. A shift from 22h00 untill 03h00 gets rewarded with 6 tickets each valued at €1.20. These tickets can be used in our bar. Besides that, all drinks are free while you are working. Nevetheless it isn't appreciated if you are doing your shift totally drunk, so know your own limits.