Software Engineer

WEMANITY is looking for people able to deliver on our clients projects, while improving the practices in their environment (clean code, testing, alignment with the business...).

Help our clients to build innovative products and to improve their ability to truly work as a team and have a focus on the delivery.


Computer Science Engineering








By joining Wemanity you will:

  • have the opportunity to join a strong community of practice, dedicated to help you grow, share and develop your skills
  • be guided by a mentor
  • have the opportunity to join technical squads
  • be joining a strong community of developers with dedicated moments to share knowledge and train on the main technological trends

Your role will be to ensure the delivery of your project while contributing to the improvement of the work practices within your team.

Wanted Profile

Who we are looking for:

  • You have experience with back-end (Java, .NET, PHP...) programming
  • You are familiar with the concepts of clean code, design patterns, unit tests...
  • You are interested in DevOps tooling (automated tests, CI/CD, cloud)
  • You believe in your ability to make a difference Come and tell us about yourself, your passions, your values! What matters will be your motivation and ability to progress.

We have dreams, what about you? Apply now!