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Vision++ NV
Vision++ NV

Master: Electrical Engineering

Sector: Electronics

Locatie: Flemish Brabant

Stad: Leuven

Hyperspectral Imaging Specialist

  • You will be part of a team developing calibration methods for hyperspectral imaging systems.
  • You use state-of-the-art optical equipment such as calibrated light sources, monochromators, integrating spheres and spectrophotometers to characterize the behaviour of hyperspectral imaging systems.
  • You will develop and improve (sub)systems to measure dark current, sensor non-linearities, QE and parametrized system response matrices.
  • You will develop mathematical methods and algorithms to model the imaging system's behaviour w.r.t. parameters such as sensor temperature, exposure time, the sensor's mode of operation and lens settings. You will investigate, analyse and provide solutions to the complex problems encountered along the way.
  • You will provide assistance to and/or take part of a SW development team which converts the researched methodologies into practical calibration solutions.
  • You work in close conjunction with your team leader and author technical documents and presentations.

VISION++ is at the frontline of computer vision: when you work at Vision++, you become part of a team of experienced and very talented computer vision specialists and software engineers. This is the perfect environment for young graduates to start their career, as you will learn at the speed of light. But we are also focusing a lot on “soft skills”: through coaching and specific training, you will also grow as a person. And our company is also growing steadily, which will allow you to grab new opportunities within the company during your career at Vision++.

On top of all that: we offer a friendly work environment where you get a lot of autonomy and a competitive salary package with a myriad of benefits.

  • You hold a PhD or Master's degree in either physics, mathematics, engineering, optics or photonics and you are able to demonstrate significant experience in the above mentioned tasks.
  • You are a keen and methodological experimenter and familiar with optical laboratory equipment.
  • You have a strong mathematical background and you are experienced in the modelling of complex (e.g. opto-electrical) phenomena.
  • You have a programming background in C/C++, Matlab or Python.
  • You take ownership of projects from start to finish.
  • You have excellent communication and reporting skills.
  • You are a team player who takes pleasure in sharing ideas, collaborating with peers and taking responsibility of your own share of the work.