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INTERNSHIPS All of the following positions are within the “iXGuard” and “DexGuard” teams, some of them focus on improving in-house tooling while others set the first steps towards future obfuscation and analysis techniques. You will work as a member of the team reporting on your progress in our weekly meetings and having a lot of opportunities to learn more about compilers, obfuscation, code analysis, Java and Java bytecode, the C++ language, reverse engineering, the LLVM compiler framework, etc.

APPLYING Your application can target one or several of the positions listed. Make sure to include at least: • Your motivation for applying • Any relevant experience in the domain • The usual resume information Some of the positions listed have a small assignment specified. Completing them is strongly encouraged but not required. When comparing candidate applications the assignment solutions are important. Please apply through


Computer Science Engineering




Flemish Brabant




AVAILABLE POSITIONS Implement LLVM obfuscation transformations GPU based obfuscation State of the art opaque predicates Realistic looking name generation Test engineer Assembler Kotlin metadata support Easier ProGuard desktop/server app integration Open source framework for application post-processin Symbolic execution with SMT solvers JavaScript analysis Visualization of elements of Android applications Reflection reconstruction IDE plugin Detection of outdated libraries Large scale analysis Obfuscation detection Yet another app with security issues Performance analysis

Gezocht Profiel

Bachelor of Master Computer Science