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AG Insurance
AG Insurance

Sector: IT

Locatie: Brussel

Relational and No SQL DB's, map of characteristics, typical insurance use cases and POC

In computer science, it is impossible for a distributed data store to simultaneously provide more than two out of the following three guarantees : ·         Consistency: Every read receives the most recent write or an error ·         Availability: Every request receives a (non-error) response – without guarantee that it contains the most recent write ·         ​Partition tolerance: The system continues to operate despite an arbitrary number of messages being dropped (or delayed) by the network between nodes This implies that every database system must choose between those properties but cannot fulfill all of them. We are used to work with Relational Databases which provide both consistency and availability, but we are less aware of the other types of databases.

The goal of this internship would be to provide advantages and disadvantages of all possible databases structures, find out the typical insurance use cases for each of them, provide decision guidelines, and build Proofs of Concept (PoC) using different types of databases to demonstrate the advantages and differences.

We offer you an internship in a flexible environment. Next to this, your commute is reimbursed and you can enjoy your lunch for free at our company restaurant.

Bachelor or Master