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AG Insurance

Sector: IT

Locatie: Brussel

Visual Components Libraries exploration

Demands for a large set of functionalities on the same screen is increasing. Users more and more want to be able to filter data displayed on a screen based on multiple criteria ; to hide or display columns of a table ; to customize the layout or to search across a complete database… Therefore, we have a list of Visual Components Libraries that we would like to assess.

The goal of the internship would be to evaluate all functionalities of different libraries, like Kendo or DevExpress, build a list of technical possibilities and implement a project to demonstrate the results on a real application. We also want to see if in-house development could achieve the same level of performance than the existing libraries, and if this could be a viable option.

We offer you an internship in a flexible environment. Next to this, your commute is reimbursed and you can enjoy your lunch for free at our company restaurant.

Bachelor or Master