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ExxonMobil - Engineering Masterclass


17:00 - 22:00

Locatie: Machelen

Welcome to the Engineering MasterClass!

Are you an engineering student at KULeuven, UGent or VUB? Then this is your chance to catch a glimpse of ExxonMobil in action at our Machelen (Brussels) headquarters for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

During the Engineering MasterClass, you will have the opportunity to meet both young engineers and experienced managers and to interact with them in an informal setting. Learn more about ExxonMobil’s activities in the Benelux and worldwide, and demonstrate your analytical and teamwork skills in challenging case studies. Get a taste of some of the opportunities we provide to young graduates, and see for yourself whether a career at ExxonMobil is for you!

You will be picked up in Ghent, Leuven or Brussels, arriving at our headquarters in Machelen (Brussels) around 5 pm. The evening starts with an introduction to ExxonMobil, our company culture and worldwide activities. We will then dive straight into action! In a practical case you can demonstrate your invention skills, while in the interactive “case study quiz” you will need to be quick and accurate in solving several challenging problems. We will share with you possible career paths at ExxonMobil and you will hear examples from both young and very experienced ExxonMobil employees. You are also invited for a walking dinner, which will be your chance to talk with our ExxonMobil representatives in an informal setting. Transportation to our office in the afternoon and return to your university town in the evening will be arranged. Detailed logistical information will be sent upon your invitation to the event.

Interested to know more on ExxonMobil and career opportunities? Then submit your application for this event before November 10, 2017!

More info at (https://jobs.exxonmobil.com/ExxonMobil/job/Brussels-Machelen-Recruitment-Event-Engineering-Masterclass-November-16%2C-2017-BRU/435724000/)[[https://jobs.exxonmobil.com/ExxonMobil/job/Brussels-Machelen-Recruitment-Event-Engineering-Masterclass-November-16%2C-2017-BRU/435724000/].