Vlaamse Technische Kring

I can see my courses but I can't order any books.

Make sure you added all your courses to your profile. Maybe you only added courses from one semester. Don't forget to add the courses from the second semester. Also, check whether your courses have the right course code. You can do so by logging in, clicking on the icon in the upper right corner, and clicking on your name. In the profile view, there are four tabs, of which the tabs 'Studies' and 'Subjects' are relevant to this question.

How do I order a course text / book?

First, you have to register to the website. This can be found in the upper right corner. Here, we ask you some details in case we need to contact you. After your registration, you will automatically return to the home page. Log in (upper right corner), click the account icon (upper right corner) and press My Bookings. From here on out, it should be self-explanatory.

My book is unavailable, when will I get it?

When you order a book, you will receive an email when the book is assigned, which means we have the book in stock for you. If we don't have plenty of books, we will order more on a weekly basis, and you will receive an email once we received the order.

My bookings expired! What should I do now?

You can simply re-order the course material you still require. Remember: once assigned, your bookings expire after ten days!

I don't know when the bookstore opens

You can find our opening hours at the front page of our website. If there are none there, we are either closed for the semester, or we haven't decided yet on the hours for next week, as we need to be sure we have time to keep the bookstore open. In the latter case, you should just recheck in a couple of days. Remember that the bookstore is run by unpaid volunteers.