The VTK bookstore, also called "Cudi", is a phenomenon in Heverlee and an example for many others. Over the years, different Cudi-teams have refined and improved the system and its reliability. Even in times of COVID-19 we still want to support you throughout the entire year.

Books and syllabi can be ordered by clicking here or by pressing the icon at the top right of the page and then pressing "My Bookings".

We don't only sell textbooks and course material. You can also buy all the other stuff you need (like pencils, course blocks, markers,...) in our shop. You can even buy the original KVHV student codex or the unique VTK playing cards from us.

The bookstore is still housed in the "Theokot". The Theokot is located in the thermothechnical institute (if you're coming from the castle, on the right of the grass between the department of materials science and the department of civil engineering).

For those who find this confusing, this map could be useful: click here for the map.

Want to contribute?

Did you make all exercises from a course and want to publish the solutions for your fellow students? Did you bundle all exams and their solutions? Are there way too many slides to print yourself? Are your notes formidable and you want to share them with others? You can!

If you have a text you think other students might find useful, you can bring it to the bookstore (preferably in pdf, but plain text works too), we will make it into a book for you and make it available for others.

If you are in doubt, be sure to contact us!

Delivery Time

Did you order something on our website, but it hasn't been assigned yet? This means we currently do not have enough stock to supply your demand. The assigning order follows the principle 'first come, first serve'. Do not worry however, as we order new books on a weekly basis. This is typically sundag evening. The delivery time for course material is generally between one and two weeks, except for the very beginning of the semester (then it is typically a little bit longer, since our supplier has the most work in this period). Foreign textbooks may take longer to arrive with us, but this is not necessarily the case. Note that the waiting time can be slighly longer when you order something after we just placed a new order with our supplier (so when you order something on monday, we will place your order coming sunday, this makes it look like you have to wait a week longer). Our advice is to order everything you need as soon as possible in order to avoid long waiting periods.

Print it yourself

Starting form this year, a printer will be available in the Theokot for you to print something yourself. It is possible to scan something onto a USB flash drive or to an email address, to print in black and white and in color, and this for A4- and A3-format.

Scanning is free and can be done using the code near the printer. In order to print, you have to buy a print card during the opening hours of the bookshop (you can order them as articles). We sell 4 types of print cards:

  • 100 prints (A4-format) black and white: 1,50 euros
  • 300 prints (A4-format) black and white: 4,50 euros
  • 25 prints (A4-format) color: 3 euros
  • 100 prints (A4-format) color: 12 euros

It is not possible to print in color with a black and white print card. The opposite can be done, but you would be paying a little bit too much for the black and white paper on the color print card. 1 print in A3-format is counted as 2 prints in A4-format.

The printer is available during the opening hours of the Theokot. You can find it to the right of the bookstore counter (directly to the right when you enter Theokot). The explanation how you can print is located near the printer. Read this carefully before you start printing in order to avoid problems and defects!