Vlaamse Technische Kring

The VTK bookstore, also called "Cudi", is a phenomenon in Heverlee and an example for many others. Over the years, different Cudi-teams have refined and improved the system and it's reliability. Even this year changes have been made to help you even better. The prices of all textbooks are lower than ever before!

Books and syllabi can be ordered by clicking here or by pressing the little man at the top of the page and then pressing "My Bookings".

We don't sell only textbooks and course material. You can also buy all the other stuff you need (like pencils, bloks of paper, markers,...) in our shop. You can even buy the original student codex or the unique VTK playing cards from us.

The bookstore is still housed in the "Theokot". The Theokot is located in the thermothechnical institute (if you're coming from the castle, on the right of the grass between the department of materials science and the department of civil engineering).

For those who find this is not very clear, we have made a little map: click here for the map.