Performance Insights for NFS/SMB Access

Datadobi software allows customers to move large volumes of data from one system to another or between clouds and data centers. This software typically runs for several weeks at a customer data center, and goes through various phases of scanning, copying, adjusting the data.

Datadobi is considered the ‘gold standard’ in the industry for vendor-independent migrations, and customers with the most challenging sets of data and infrastructure use our software to reach their goals. “Large volumes” in our case means up to several petabytes of data, in billions of files. Several hundreds of migrations could be going on at the same time, in different stages of the migration life-cycle. It stands clear that performance and throughput is at the hearth of our solution, as even a reduction in efficiency of a few percentages could mean a difference of several weeks in duration of the data migration.

The DobiMigrate software uses worker agents that read and write data using the NFS and SMB protocols. Datadobi has developed custom client libraries for these protocols in-house.

In the first part of this project you will assist with instrumenting these client libraries with telemetry tracking logic. This will let you capture the service response times of storage servers in realtime and store this information to disk. This information will be the basis for performance troubleshooting tools.

The second part of this project will consist of processing the capture raw data. You will take the events and transform it into insights that are understandable for people other than the developers, such as support engineers, project engineers and our customers themselves. This can be done by visualizing the data on a performance timeline, reporting outliers, detecting time-based anomalies…


  • You will be coached by very experienced software engineers and product management to get the full Software Development experience, using Agile software methodologies and practices;
  • Your work will immediately be used by Datadobi colleagues;
  • You will get a lot of visibility by Datadobi colleagues and leadership;
  • You will design and implement the performance monitoring insights for our NFS/SMB stack

Computer Science Engineering




Flemish Brabant




paid internship July or August or September

Wanted Profile
  • You are eager to learn how to write great software;
  • You like to work in a team of passionate developers;
  • You are fascinated by software, performance and data analysis and data visualization;
  • You like quick results from your work;
  • You have software programming experience, preferably in Java;
  • You have experience using git version control;
  • It is considered as a plus if you have experience in
    • Vaadin;
    • Data visualization.