Data Collection & Visualization

Datadobi software allows customers to move large volumes of data from one system to another or between clouds and data centers. This software typically runs for several weeks in a customer data center. At regular moments the software automatically sends an email report to Datadobi containing the relevant information.

At the same time, Datadobi has information about customer data migrations both in Salesforce (account information) and in Jira (support intervention tickets, operations project tickets).

The goal is to automatically process all this information, store it in a database, and create a graphical operations dashboard that will be used internally by your Datadobi colleagues:

  • A world map showing the running data migrations;
  • A view of the running migrations with upcoming planned milestones;
  • The amount and type of data being migrated per hour / day / week / month;
  • Evolution over time of the various metrics.

Assignment :

  • You will be coached by very experienced software engineers and product management;
  • You will work on data collection, data storage and data visualization;
  • A working prototype has already been built, but you can improve it (or rip it apart :-);
  • First you will complete the automated processing of
    • incoming emails (using Google Gmail API);
    • project information from Salesforce (using Salesforce API);
    • information from our ticketing system (using Atlassian Jira API);
  • Next, the collected information will be stored in Amazon S3 buckets;
  • Finally the information will be visualized using Amazon Quicksight;
  • You work together with the CTO and the Operations team to build this solution in small increments, each time followed by a demo to your colleagues and gathering of feedback;
  • Technology stacks that will be used:
    • Python (data collection);
    • Google Gmail, Atlassian Jira, Salesforce APIs (data retrieval);
    • Amazon S3 (object storage);
    • Amazon QuickSight (dashboard visualization).

Computer Science Engineering




Flemish Brabant




Paid internship July or August or September

Wanted Profile
  • You are eager to learn how to write great software;
  • You are eager to learn how to write great software;
  • You like to work in a team of passionate developers;
  • You are fascinated by software, data analysis and data visualization;
  • You like quick results from your work;
  • You have software programming experience, preferably in Python;
  • You have experience using git version control.