Data science internship (proof of concept development)

At Panenco, we love turning ideas into digital products. Our company mission is to build a portfolio of lovable products, underpinned by a culture of innovation and craftsmanship.

Throughout our product portfolio we’re collecting a large amount of real-world data. We’re setting out on a course to start activating this data and turn it into product features.

Let us give a concrete example: with QIT online we capture all the steps in the treatment process between a psychotherapist and their patients. We want to research if we can predict within certain confidence levels if and when a patient is likely to drop out of the treatment (and why). We eventually want to build a feature in the platform that will inform therapists about such a likelihood.

This is just 1 example out of 100 use cases we have lined up. We’ll be gathering a team of 3 computer science students this summer to create proofs of concept for these use cases. In the best case scenario, these will end up in a concrete production environment.

What’s in it for you? You’ll be given a concrete playground with structured, relevant and cleaned up data. We’ll give the necessary freedom to build, create and explore.

For more information about Panenco and our internship, visit our website at


Computer Science Engineering




Flemish Brabant




A hands-on environment with a strong engineering / technical focus. Both paid and academic internships are an option.

Wanted Profile

You’re passionate about the field of data science. We’ll leave a lot of room for initiative, we expect you to grasp all opportunities with both hands and find a way towards concrete delivery and reporting to the broader team.